Trim tabs


InstaTrim tabs are easy to install and one of the longest lasting trimtabs in production today. Is is usual to have InstaTrim Originals for 30 years on a boat.

They come pre-assembled with or without the electronic Tab locator. A minimum of time is required for installation.

Smooth rides for skipper and passengers thanks to corrected bow and list. Every time you go for a ride.

Skipper visibility is improved when your bow is corrected.

Less wear and tear on your boat. When properly trimmed you stay on plane and therefore at lower R.P.M’s. Engine life is extended.

InstaTrim tabs are easy to install. They come pre-assembled with or without the electronic Tab locator. A minimum of time is required. It has the cylinder with the best ration between installation length and stroke length.

Trimtabs provide lift aft of the weight center in the boat, which allow the boat to effortlessly come up on plane at a lower speed and allowing the boat to ride easier over the Waves, not trapping any pockets of water resulting in a total of less drag.


XP2-series trimtabs have a 40% stronger push force, allowing a Single cylinder per tab installation up to usually 42 feet boats. XP2-series does neither have a visible hydraulic hose on the outside of the hull, allowing the hydraulic hose to stay on the inside of the hull well protected.


Yacht-series is our biggest and most powerful Trimtab cylinder aimed for the larger Yacht and Superyacht market, suitable up to 150 feet yachts. It is using Double acting stainless steel cylinders for accurate trim under every condition.

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Product no longer in production:

D+ Series trimtabs