Parts list

12700-12univiv Universal pumpunit 12 Volt, ”in-shop” box! Replaces Bennett, TX, QL, CAN etc. etc.
12700-12 Complete motorpump unit, 12 volt
12700-12DC Complete motorpump unit, 12 volt for dual cylinders
12700-24 Complete motorpump unit, 24 volt
12700-24DC Complete motorpump unit, 24 volt for dual cylinders
12662-12 12 volt motor only
12662-24 24 volt motor only
12702 Hydraulic pump withpreasure relief valve
12657 Outside housing withoutoilreservoir
12657-A Oilreservoir standardsize
12657-3P Oilreservoir apx. 1,4litres
12641-12 Solenoid valve 12volt, white wire
12701-12 Solenoid valve 12volt, greenwire
12641-24 Solenoid valve 24volt, white wire
12701-24 Solenoid valve24volt, green wire
12715 Solenoid hose fitting, barb type
12668 Brass nipple from pump to solenoid
12634 Motor to shaft coupling
12635 Oil sump tube
12609 Oil reservoir plug
12709 Stainless steel hosefitting clamp
12728 Hydraulic hose, 2000pounds burst preasure, price per meter
12729 Hose trims with screws,pair
12727A Hydraulic cylinder withhose, each
12727B Cylinder ram with O-ring and U-cups
12730 Cylinder pins
12731 Seal kit for cylinder
12731XP Seal kit for XP-cylinder
12727XP Hydraulic XP-cylinderwith sensor
12727wos Hydraulic XP-cylinder,WITHOUT sensor
12725 One complete set of switches
12725-R New Round design Switch, Waterproof, Suitable for Flybridge installation.
12726 20 Amp fuse with wire
13001 One switchplate only
13001W One switchplate ”burl wood”
12735 25´wire harness
12737 40´wire harness
13000 14´wire harness forflybridge controls
13000-25 25´wire harness forflybridge controls
12688 Female wire receptacle
13302 18″ wire harness forconverting old style motorpump to new style
12732 Nylon cylinder brackets(1 piece)
12744 Screw and bolt kit
12743 Brass T´s
12738 Stainless steel tabs with hinge per square inch
12738HD Heavy-Duty tabs withhinge, per square inch
12610 1 pint / 0,4 Liter Hydraulic oil
12611 Funnel
12612 Oil & Funnel kit, (Suitable for ”in shop”placement )
12780 Zinc-set (set of 2 pcs),to be fitted on trimtabs.
PT-32 Powertrimpump 12V, Replaces most Volvo Powertrimpumps
PT-32-R Relay for PT-32